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Wëndigo a posted Sep 13, 11

Fyl - "Ok guys, go to your-wow.com and check it out. I have listed on the site the things that work and don't. Just let me know what you think. Forums look different due to bridge not working right, but will fix that too."

That's right folks, go create an account and lets get this thing going!!

This is a New private server that is going to revolutionize private servers!

The Server that is ran by pure players! We are a group of people who came from a few very successful private servers only to take away the best of each to make the #1 private server!

We are dedicated to making this an enjoyable server for all. We will eventually have several realms, each one a different experience. The First realm will be a PVE server that will be focused for those that want slightly enhanced blizz-like settings such as x10 xp and a few other tweeks. The second will be a RPPVP realm for those who are serious about RP, as I know there are out here...I was one of them ^_^ This is not however, going to be a GM server...That idea will be brought into fruition later down the road. There will be no special powers given to members...We will have donating options for each realm, where for a small donation, you can get rewards such as to skip past a lot and go directly to Level 60, or 85 or get epic items! Should you choose to go to 85, you will get a bonus! There are a few other donation options as well, but we will release those when we are closer to being public. We will keep this page updated with progress and let you know when it is ready!

Please spread the word so our server can grow to ENORMOUS size and in the end, HAVE FUN!

By signing on to the server and creating a character, you agree to follow the rules, regardless of whether or not you read them. Not following any of the rules can get you kicked from the server either temporarily or permanently.

Updates will now be posted at: Updates

Fixes will be posted at: Fixes

Owners/Admins: Deadlyhugs, Fyl.
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At this time we are not going to be hiring any more GM's until we see what kind of traffic the server is going to get. Once we start to get more members, we will get more GM's. But you are more than welcome to still apply, remember to read the rules of applying before posting your application. Good luck and thank you for choosing Your-WoW!

Please Read the"Rules of Your-WoW"
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